Monday, February 2, 2015

The Race Within: Book tour dates

I'll be going on a short book tour during the second week of February. Hillary Biscay, the women's 2013 Ultraman World Champion who was also kind enough to contribute an introduction to the book, will be in attendance at some of the venues. If you'd like to catch me in Tucson, Phoenix or San Diego, here are the dates and times. Those with an asterisk indicate that Hillary will also be making an appearance.

February 8th: Barnes & Noble (90th street in Scottsdale), 1-3 PM

*February 9th: Destination Kona (Scottsdale), 5-7PM

San Diego
February 10th: Barnes & Noble, Grossmont Center in La Mesa, 6 PM

February 12th: Moment Cycle Sport, 6-8PM

February 11th: Endurance House, 4-6PM

*February 13th: TriSports, 4-6PM

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